How we do it/Projects

SE Construction is a general contractor that engages the team members to use their strengths and expertise for the best possible solution that creates your vision in the areas of Commercial Project Management, Consulting, Tenant Improvement, Build out, Remodel and New Construction of  Medical Projects, Data Centers,  Retail, Hospitality and Resort , Office Complexes.

Qualifying Experience

  • CRMC Cath Lab Expansion 2 story addition including all furnishings, equipment, med gas, telemetry, MPE 17,000 sf $9.5 Million 5/2009-12/2011
  • CRMC  Tower Expansion – 6 story 137 bed tower design bid build, coordination, underground, and initial site preparation for buildout. 181,000 sf $125 Million  04/2010 – 08/2014
  • CRMC – 1st floor build out of nursing unit including Med Gas, MPE and furnishings 7100 sf $1 Million 8/2011-6/2012
  • CRMC NICU 4th floor Antepartum TI Remodel  12 private NICU rooms, HVAC, Med Gas, 16 bed nursery, Telemetry, Child Security, IT, furnishings- 7,000 sf $700,000  02/2010 – 01/2012
  • CRMC Radiology MRI Replacement  and remodel- 1700 sf  $1.7 million 05/2011 – 12/2011
  • CRMC – IT CAT 6E Retrofit –  HVAC, UPS, Cable and Cabinet upgrades. 25,000 sf 2/2011 – 10/2011   $150,000
  • Target Superstores 2345 and 2400 – 190,000 sf $8 million each Fast track 3-2007-10/2008
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America – 213,000 sf $30 Million 18 month fast track  2012
  • Banner Baywood Central Plant – 2006
  • Estimating, plan check, buyout, and coordination of Retail Shopping Centers, Resorts, Marriot, Cibola, Aloft, Apartments, etc.  ranging from $50,000 – $20 Million 2004-2006

With credentials in Sustainable Building Design, for SE Construction, sustainability is a whole systems approach. It is getting everything from your plumbing and electrical to your landscaping working in harmony with each other to create an environment that is not only efficient, but also beneficial to the occupants, lightens the burdens of your budget and renews the environment.

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