December Newsletter – Special Garden Tower Offer

December is a busy month for everyone.  With all the excitement of the Holiday season combined with the regular activities.   I hope you are finding time to enjoy the season, and your garden.

At the Cherry Circle Garden we have been busy planting, preparing areas of the yard for the spring and getting ready to open up community garden spots.    Here are a few pictures of our happenings.  Old trees are coming out, double dug composting pathways with tree chips on top have been installed, agri-blankets installed, and rocks moved all to prepare for new community garden spots in the spring.

Some of our favorite flower bulbs were planted for a spring/Easter bloom. They are already peeking out of the ground, which really gets me excited.

Speaking of which, don’t forget to order your trees for spring planting from the Arizona Rare Fruit Growers Association  Arizona Rare Fruit Growers Association   There is a minimal fee to join.  However, you get a 20% discount on each item you order. The membership typically pays for itself in one transaction.

SPECIAL OFFER – To encourage you in your gardening efforts and for those of you with limited space/time in which to grow, I am pleased to provide you with this  special offer on the Green Stalk Tower Garden.  Normally this 5-tiered 19″ footpring, 30 plant tower with it’s own reservoir sells for $221.00 on line.  Email me by December 25, 2015 with the subject line #Garden Tower, and it is yours for $185.00 including tax and local delivery.

Don’t forget to attend my weekly intro classes on Tuesdays at 11:30 and 6:00 pm to learn more about DIY gardening, how to become a pro, or how to have someone else install and maintain your garden.

Just in case you missed the 7 Steps to Homstead Planning any size Property, just click on the link.


Whether you are building a home, a garden, or a business, we are here to help you build your dream.


Best of wishes for the Christmas Season,